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My domain. This website is for your viewing! IF you would like to know more about me. It's also a domain linked to my email address because I like to be a little different and everyone who provides a service or has a role in public life should have one, a Website and an email linked to a domain that is. So my email address is "Phillip Donnelly" at this domain name and that is! Don't include the OK!

Online. If you have an online presence, sell online, or provide a local service then you know you should have be online and have a web presence. And it's definitely not reliant on any Social Network service, though you could use Facebook pages, but that's cheap, I mean, not that professional. In my view. Anyway I choose the content and how it's presented by having my own site. You could have one too......hold on this is About me!


I code. This website has and will create problems for me, and I will overcome the problems, by doing so I learn. Anyway, I enjoy problems, my ex gave me lots of problems, I didn't enjoy those problems, I like problems with possible solutions, they were never easy.

There's lots more content to bring to this site, a lot so it's going to evolve and grow, so please check back one day. One day! In other words I don't want to bore you or you may leave! Please don't, it's lonely on the net, just the passing bot most days.

So I code do I! What does that mean? According to a dictionary CODE is defined as "a system of words, letters, or signs used to represent a message in secret form, or a system of numbers, letters, or signals used to represent something in a shorter or more convenient form" NO! Not that type of code. I'm no 007 but I'm open to offers, I always fancied a bit of acting. My code is computer code that's not Morse code, it's Programming code, computer programming code.Binary code image I could say that MORSE code and Computer code are alike, very alike because Morse is a sequence of dots and dashes, binary code is a sequence of 1 and 0, or ON OFF switches. Do you remember punch cards? No, nor do I.
Question is do you need to know code? Do you, if you have a website, do you? If you can buy an off the shelf website where you just drag and drop do you need to know code? Perhaps, it may help a great deal, you didn't think you need to know code for an off the shelf site did you. Understanding what it is being used for and why is important when it comes to having a website. You've done the drag and drop bit and added some photos but what about all the ALT tags, why do you need those? A Title or description? Why is a web link good, why have a linked attached to an image? Is it good for you or the site you're linking too? You may buy a CMS but you will need support, and that is why these companies or hosting companies exist, you will try but ultimately you will pay for support. If you run a WordPress site then it's possible that you have a free add on or that you have even purchased an add on for SEO for example. What is SEO? You get very little for FREE. Sure you can have WordPress for free, even a nice neat free theme but if you want to be clever and have a smart website you'll need to buy a Theme unless you have a PHP friend. I did say buy because you wont be happy with the free one in many cases. And you will ultimately need support. I can give support!

Just before I leave this section think about this. You may have a CMS (WordPress is a CMS), but if you try and update remotely, online, then your updates may be immediate! Do you really want that? Then you will need to update that site on your PC then upload to the server, do you know how?

As an example I now manage a website for a social group, the website didn't show at all on web searches, everything looked ok, and it would appear about 10 pages into a searches but after dealing with their SEO is now appears on the first page web searches by town in SW England. SPA Social Network.

So would I advise anyone to learn to code? Of course not, really I would not. It takes persistence which I have, dedication and commitment, which I have, and time, which I don't have. You see, by the time I've learnt some new code like 'C' some university graduate high on weed and bored with porn has decided he doesn't like the way he's been taught, that there is a better way and goes off and writes a new programming language, not really new, just different called SIDSC, compiled by Sid C! He gets a job somewhere and decides to make a name for himself, and use something no one else has, suddenly there's a demand! A year down the line the guy has moved on but now they need someone who knows this new code, they're rare, very rare, it's only been in use two years but our new HR guys doesn't know that so he advertises for someone with that skills and a high salary because of it's rarety. Suddenly everyone is trying to learn SIDSC, after all it pays well. C code image Slight exaggeration here but there are so many, I mean so many different computer languages, interfaces and software packages out there you have NO hope of knowing It all. So don't, don't bother, there is no get rich scheme from coding unless you have some like minded pals. If you code you'll be lucky to get past the HR guys who just wants you to have a Computing Degree, probably a Phd. If you dropped out of college and decided to code for living then you may as well, well, clean floors because unless you get discovered or arrested you wont get far. I know, after all the years doing this that you may as well find a comfortable seat and watch the girls go by, or better, go fishing! It's still that age old adage, it's not WHAT YOU KNOW, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW. Be lucky. Oh, me, yea, that's why you're here. Well, that is me! Not all of me. Still more of me to come.
Don't believe me? Read this! Please Don't learn to code. Time I stopped then! No, because I'm only interested in Websites and SQL related code.

Manufacturing and Logistics.

UB Factory at HarlesdenI have 25 years experience in Manufacturing working for United Biscuits, Nokia, SKB and Unilever. When I was in Logistics at McVities one of the factories I was responsible for made McVities cakes from my favourite Jaffa Cake (awful straight of the production line) and Jamaica Ginger, to the wonderful Tunis Cake which was only available at Christmas. McVities Tunis ceased production around the late 80's. Tunis Cake is still available and very easy to make, it's simply a Madeira sponge cake with a thick layer of plain chocolate on top finished off with an icing outer decoration and marzipan fruits. Here's Merry Berry's recipe for Tunis Cake. Tunis Cake recipe. Here's an interesting fact! Did you know that the crumbs from making Homewheat biscuits are added to the chocolate for taste, quality and consistency otherwise the biscuits would be too rich and too expensive. McVities is part of the UB empire, once one of the top 100 companies in the UK. McVities. I like their lively website. McVities Tunis Cake

I also managed production requirements for a factory in Liverpool until it closed, and later, Terry's of York. So I have a great deal of knowledge of MRP, Production Planning and Logistics to name just a few functions. In addition to working at these companies I also worked as contractor for McClaren Cars in Woking and employed by Anixter running the onsite metal components and fasteners warehouse. And for GSK at their Maidenhead factory as the Production Planning Manager during maternity leave.

SQL and Oracle RDBMS

I have 10 years of working with SQL, as an analyst, Business Inteligence systems such as Business Objects and with relational database management systems plus 2 years of website development in a project role. I am a problem solver, a solution provider, a people person and a creative individual with a great range of knowledge and skills. 20 years of working in an IT environment using SQL, working with Oracle and Business Intelligence Systems. Experience of JQuery, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, JSON, PHP and more. I don't consider myself an expert in all of those but I have varying degree of experience.

An Engineer at Heart

I'm also a hands on person, my hobbies include Carpentry, Building, Interior Design, Decor as well as Technology and Photography.

Technically I'm an Engineer at heart, I can build, fix, repair, code and solve problems, that makes me an engineer, but I'm not a degree qualified engineer. I wish I were, I discover my skills too late for University being a family man.

IT Systems

Tech Services

My experience includes all aspects of Information Technology, there really isn't one aspect of IT that I haven't had some involvement in as long as we aren't talking about specific industries. So, I've been an IT Engineer, a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, System Analyst, SQL DBCA (Oracle/SQLServer), UNIX Admin (Yep! I've done my CHMOD along with my GREP)., Desktop Support, Network Installations (TCP/IP, DHCP and IP addressing), Wireless Terminal project for reporting manufacturing and stock movements. Experience of a range of Web technologies. A Project manager and Team Leader. Business Objects, Data Warehousing and even some SAP included.

Web Design and Development Software pages and apps.

I installed the FIRST wireless network into a Multimillion pound Nokia Factory in 2000. WiFi was created by 3Com, Alcatel, Nokia and Zebra Technologies back in 1997 and introduced for home use in 1999. The IEEE controls the specification and introduction of wifi specification. As of 2019 802.11g. The American non-profit organisation called the Wi-Fi Alliance promotes Wi-Fi technology and certifies Wi-Fi products for conformity to certain standards. Wifi is a trademark identification. That's how those companies that introduced this technology receive payment for that development.

I build and fix PC's. And I have done for 25 years.

I'm a techie, yep, I love technology. If I don't know how something works I find out. If I need a solution I generally find one.
Cars, that's another of my subjects, noisy cars and electric bikes. Do I know where the flywheel goes? Yes, what a Turbo does? Yes. Or even your cylinder sleeve.
Photography was my first love, it was once simple and an art. Take a photo, head off to the lab, develop the film, run to the enlarger and create your image. I hasten to add I was good at it. I still have a small range of film cameras with film in. You could always do some manipulation of the finished print but nothing like to the extent you can do today. Now you need software and on this site I talk about or list the best pieces of free photo technology or web based services. If you are really serious though you'll need Photoshop products.
One thing I've learnt over the years is not to dismiss a photo, with digital offering such large images you can often find something interesting in a very big photograph. Finding it is the job of the photographer. Framing it is also the job of the photographer.
Computers and me, I like software, it makes things happen.
And then there are Websites, that was a whole new bunch of technologies which I decided to master, just for the hell of it plus, you never know, one days perhaps.
My Twitter feed link. I've been using Twitter for a long time now so I know it exceptionally well. I have 3 Twitter accounts. This is the id I've decided to use with my website.

This site is coded on my Desktop and uploaded to Fasthosts. I use Sublime (TXT EDITOR), Wampserver(APACHE Web server) and WinSCP (FTP).

So I'm a Coder, Techie, Engineer, Photographer and would be Builder.

But I'm a whole lot more. Many years as a manager in manufacturing, logistics and I.C.T to add to all that

Phillip Donnelly started his career path in the 70's as a trainee photographer which took him into Packaging development and design, then Manufacturing Information Technology, helping get your mobile phone to you and a biscuit with your tea.

Besides being an expert with MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems with over 10 years sales experience, I also have manufacturing and warehousing technology systems experience, I know my way around them all. Basicly they carry out the same function, they just look different.

This bit is boring -: My experience includes all aspects of Information Technology, there really isn't one aspect of IT that I haven't had some involvement in as long as we aren't talking about specific industries. So, I've been an IT Engineer, a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, System Analyst, SQL DBA (Oracle/SQLServer), UNIX Admin (Yep! I've done my CHMOD along with my GREP)., BI administrator, designer and trainer, a Desktop Support engineer, Network Installations (TCP/IP, DHCP and IP addressing), Wireless Terminal project for reporting manufacturing and stock movements. Experience of a range of Web technologies. A Project manager and Team Leader. Business Objects, ETL, ERP, Data Warehousing and even some SAP.

Phillip Donnelly installed the FIRST wireless network into a Multimillion pound Nokia UK Factory in 2000.

Cars -: More interesting. I've rebuilt a few engines, broken some too, wrecked a car or two and rebuilt a few from the mundane to the more mundane. All I really want in my Christmas stocking is a Mustang, a 1965 V8 brute, and an electric bike, like a Harley Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle. My car manages 0-60 in 6 seconds and that's fast enough for the highway so how about a bike you really need to hang on to and 0-60 mph in 3 seconds, people will hear you laugh.

Click the unstyled button to see a video. "The First Mustang"

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More Photography

Phil Donnelly MG image

My main hobbies are Coding and Photography


  • 1979: KP Foods Packaging Co-Ordinator - Own Label products - Packaging Development.
  • 1981: UB (United Biscuits) Central Purchasing - Corrugated case and Carton Assistant Buyer.
  • 1983: UB Production Planner : HQ Logistics - Factories x 3 including Liverpool closed 1984.
  • 1984: UB Logistics Analysts - Programmes inc. APL, Cobol and SQL. Projects include Own Label and Branded Business merger.
  • 1986: UB Sales Statistics and Planning Manager. 7 staff covering Promotional activity, sales reporting, price lists, product listing, and sales force information distribution. Projects: Automation of Price lists and Sales Data distribution.
  • 1990: McVities Senior Logistics Analyst - Project to merger depots and build a Central Distribution network.
  • 1994: GSK Maidenhead - Interim Production Planning Manager for Pharmacuticals. Branded and Own Label.
  • 1995: Joined Nokia Telecoms - Manufacturing Systems Engineer project I-Mandis - Oracle SQL, UNIX, Access and OS.
  • 1998: I-Mandis ERP/MRP/CMS Systems Support Team Leader.
  • 1999: Nokia Mobile Phones - Manufcaturing Systems Team Leader - UNIX, Oracle, NT, SQLServer.
  • 2002: Nokia Factory Closed - Buy out by SCI, manufacturing to China and Dallas.
  • 2001: Diversey Lever UK - Oracle Development Team Leader and Web Dev. Team Leader. Various projects.
  • 2003: Diversey Lever now Johnson Diversey - Maidenhead site closed.
  • 2003: Contractor/Consultant- Information Technology - Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution.
  • 2014: Move to Exeter. New area with No Contacts, commence work with Agencies (Manufacturing and Distribution) and Some Sales Roles.
  • 2019: Move to Barnstaple for a Home move: Agency work: NHS Archieving role.

Perhaps you need Website services? Protection Status

"In the early days of Colour Photography it was Photography for magazine advertisments and packaging, today the same service is required but now it's Photography for website production, advertising and still packaging."

Responsive Websites

Computer services image

I can code too! HTML, HTML5, CSS, Java, SQL. Software in use includes WampServer, MySQL, JSON and Ajax. Including SEO.

I've done a fair amount of work with SEO in recent years, it's not as difficult as some may think. It is all about descriptions, headings, contents and links. But what I really like doing is selling, getting out there and talking about the things I really enjoy living with or doing which hopefully gives me an income too.

For more about me take a look at the About page.