A slection of Job Ad examples

This web page show a selection of job ads for particular roles so that one can see what skills or knowldge are required.

NOTE: YOU can's believe a job ad. Do the homework on the company. Look up the Directors. Check them out on LinkedIn. Check their company returns with Companies House. Look at their Directors, resignations, in particular check out the Company Secretary, have the had a number of them. Who else is in their Business sector? What are they doing? When did the company start.

A business is proabbly one of the easiest things to get started and it's not that difficult to close either. What's the companies Registered address.

So, let's assume you've just had a job interview and it all looked very promising, great stuff. You arrive home and there's a job offer! That was quick. More money, a car, great pension scheme, company kit, can't go wrong can it! Yes, it can. You don't have a job offer until it's in your hand. And you did ask about the reason for the recruitment role, and how long the previous encumbent has been there too didn't you. No! Well, don't be afraid to ask him if he's still there or even if he's left. Today it's a very simple thing to do but 15 years ago it wasn't and I didn't have all the answers before I said YES!


Our client is looking for a talented Front End Web Developer to join its product team in .....
This is an exciting opportunity for a high quality candidate to work in a small, growing team responsible for the development of an e-learning web application, company websites and hybrid apps.
The company are an incredibly ambitious company, with a great vision, which includes a truly state of the art multi-tenant real-time web application. They will be shortly starting work on a new interface so this is a great opportunity to work with the latest JavaScript frameworks and showcase your talents.

  • You will be very experienced working in: HTML5, CSS3 / Responsive CSS frameworks, SASS/LESS, Accessibility, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • You will have knowledge of Angular / React / Vue or equivalent, and be passionate about slick interfaces with high performance. You"re ability / experience with these while not essential will be the major differentiator in offer.
  • Knowledge of PHP, Firebase, Elastic search, Algolia, Auth0, cloud servers, consuming API’s and hybrid app development, will be an advantage.
  • It is essential that you will have at least 2 years commercial experience.