Phil's Recommended Cameras. Mirrorless Interchangeable Cameras (MILC)

Photography has been part of my life since 1974. I'm not new to it, just limited by the costs. So how do you find a good camera without having to take out another mortgage but still buy a camera that satisfies your need.

I will say right now, that if you get into Photography you will need time, cooperation from the people around you, a decent bank balance, a patient partner, space, transport and an eye for those things that people, the average person, doesn't see. Sure, we can teach you to take a good photo, how to use a camera, the result will be text book photos, not art. Art is delivered to you by Artists. If there is an artist in you then you will get to know it and people will either love your photos or not get them at all.

On my new Blog I will talk about books and artists, show photos that I have or are my picks from other photographers. The Blog is new, very new, still in the womb so bear with me, this page is new too. The link to my WP blog is in the menu.

There are cameras, and lots of Cameras

Which Camera is for you?

For me there simply isn't one Camera but one Camera I do miss after selling it is a little Panasonic Lumix TZ70. For functionality in good light it was a very handy Camera to have in my pocket and with the built in flash gave very good indoor shots. A great zoom for such a small camera, a very novel feature called slow motion capture, total remote control via the downloadable App, WiFi functionality with well placed controls. Though some slate it, I can definetly say some don't know how to use it, but give it what it needs and it will return excellent results, results that will satisfy many people who want more than a Phone Camera and who want to be seen taking their photography, vblogging and understanding of photography a bit more seriously. Get in on the action with this Cameras zoom lens. The WiFi function is really easy to use though you can't broadcast video to a TV, it's easy to upload images and video to the web.

Panasonic Lumix MC-TZ70EB-K It has a 12 Megapixel sensor, 30x Optical Zoom, Leica DC Vario-Elmar 24-720 mm Lens, 0.2 inch 1.2 MP EVF/Eye sensor, Creative control with control ring, raw shooting, manual focus and focus peaking, Enhanced optical image stabilisation with five-axis correction and level shot function, 50p AVCHD/MP4 Full HD video recording (12 MP, LEICA DC Vario Lens) and a 3 inch LCD screen which switches off when the camera is placed near your eye. Hold it properly and it will satisfy your basic needs. The Cameras function can be set from the menu or the cameras controls which are really easy to use.

Want more?

But which should you choose. I have used SLR's for a long time, probably 40 years at least, I worked in the industry back in the 70's and 80's until I moved to Information Technology in the 80's and still code today.
I have tried them all, and I'm not talking about manufacturers but format types, 35mm Auto, Medium Format, Large Format, Cartridge including the dreadful APS cameras that took at least a photo good enough for happy snappers, the SLR, DSLR's and now Mirrorless. I'm on limited funds so I still use a Sony A5100 ILCE which produces lovely images and HD video, as well as having interchangeable lenses. But in my arsenal I have a some 35mm SLR's, film and Digital.
I love film Cameras for some reason I have tremendous love for Analogue Photography and the heavy (not always) Cameras of the 80's with a most definite clunk and click action but being heavy there was no camera shake from them when the shutter button was pressed as you really had to man handle some of them. Small Mirrorless Cameras in the wrong hands because of their weight can give users some really awful photos if you don't hold it correctly.
So, what are the fundamental differences between a DSLR and a Mirrorless MILC. One is size because they simply don't have a mirror which means the lens can be closer to the sensor than with an SLR. You can buy converters so that your MILC can use your DSLR lenses. Another basic fact is senor size. But there's a lot more so here's a video to help you with all the questions. One of the nicest aspects of MILC's is their size though, light and easily slipped in your pocket.