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Whether it's simply a requirement to upgrade a computer or install a Server then please call the number above.

Window 10 Upgrade. There's a video for this if it's something you want to do yourself. But DON'T forget the backup first. If not then we can do it for you.
I will go into more detail on another page regarding the upgrade to Windows 10 but at the highest level, you can migrate to Windows 10 with either a wipe and reload re-imaging process or by simply updating the operating system. If you upgrade from a previous version of Windows then configuration files for that version remain on your PC. The alternative of wipe and update are the nice option to have but then, for an individuals PC you will have to back-up files and reload, then of course you have to reload all those apps and note all passwords and licence keys to get back to where you are.....
New PC configuration. have you just bought a new PC from PC World and paid £60 for them to configure your PC, waited a week and then realised they only did half the job. Then you need to talk to us.
Transfer of Software. Part of the backup process. If you're looking for a backup and restore solution then simply purchase a Hard drive, connect it to your PC and use the Windows 7, 8, 9 and 10 backup utility. Or ask us.
PC Cloning services. This is mainly for corporate users.
PC Clean up. If you upgrade to Windows 10 the your OS will take care of this for you but there are things you can do on a weekly basis to keep your PC from accumulating too many pieces of data. And DON'T forget that Backup!
Hard Drive replacement. Occasionally a PC's hard drive will fail, you don't have to buy a new PC. You can even throw away your old PC and keep the hard drive as your backup drive if it's big enough. Or simply store it and the data on it.
Backup solutions. Solution; You have choices, an external hard drive, a USB stick, R/W CD or the Cloud.
Safe Storage. If you run a business it may be imperative that you keep a regular backup of important files every day. Use a Firesafe to store that data if it's a physical item or an external server which may be part of a cloud solution.
Power Supply replacement (PSU). Like any piece of hardware they fail, we can replace that for you on newer machines. The older PC components become obsoletes.
Media copying (VHS/CD). Still have those VHS tapes or C-VHS with those family memories? I can copy those to DVD for you.
Virus removal. We use an off the shelf solution in the same way that you can, but do you have a backup of your PC before the virus was loaded. And how did it get there? That's the question that needs asking.
Disk partitioning. If you need a disk partitioned then it's likely you know what you're doing but we're happy to help.
UNIX support.
SQL Database support. I have many years of working with SQL and a variety of Databases.
Website support. Web Design and Development Software pages and apps.

Phillip Donnelly Builds and fix PC's. And I have done for 35 years.

Take control of your Inbox. Dedicated low cost email.

If you are a business owner and require a dedicated email service using your own domain name then you should send me an email request to find out more. Stop using yourbusinessname@yahoo or gmail.
For individual users the costs are exceptionally low after set up and for business users costs are simply outstandingly low (You do need a domain name or to purchase a domain). Get your own Business email account today! Email

My Tech support dictionary.

  • AI - “Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Here is a link SAS

  • AWS - "Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud based services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses grow."

  • Canonicalization: What is a canonical tag? A canonical tag (aka "rel canonical") is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents problems caused by identical or "duplicate" content appearing on multiple URLs. Practically speaking, the canonical tag tells search engines which version of a URL you want to appear in search results. Canonical tags

  • IAA, PAAS, SAAS - Infrastructure As A Service - "Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. IaaS is one of the three main categories of cloud computing services, alongside software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS)."

  • RDBMS - Relational Database Business Management Systems - See SQL "RDBMS is the basis for SQL, and for all modern database systems like MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. A Relational database management system (RDBMS) is a database management system (DBMS) that is based on the relational model as introduced by E. F. Codd."

  • SQL - Structured Query Language - A computer langauge for use with RDBM systems, SQL is used to interact with the database. "SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL lets you access and manipulate databases. SQL became a standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1986, and of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987" I've been using SQL in all it's forms on and off since 1987.

  • Transact SQL - SQL is a programming language which focuses on managing relational databases. T-SQL is a procedural extension used by SQL Server. No way to use same name for any kind of s/w or organization. ... Similarly SQL server=ANSI-sql +Microsoft own SQL commands i.e TSQL +TSQL Programming (similar to Oracle PL/SQL). Here is a link to my SQL support page but then again there is no end of the same on the web.
    Phil's SQL services page

  • SUBLIME. The text editor I use.

  • Twitter CardsWith Twitter cards you can attach rich photos, videos and media experiences to Tweets, helping to drive traffic to your website. Simply add a few lines of markup to your webpage, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to their followers. With Twitter cards you select your viewers on the basis of location or interest and the price of doing that is currently £79 per month. You can select a link to a tutorial, video or webpage to promote a service or product using a card image. This is service that a webmaster may provide is they are to be the responsible person. Twitter Cards. Find out more about what Twitter can offer you or a business by browsing the Twitter site links at the foot of the page. There is support for Developers and Businesses. Find out how to use it as a marketing tool too. Visit the Twitter Blog

  • UNIX - "Unix is a portable, multitasking, multiuser, time-sharing operating system (OS) originally developed in 1969 by a group of employees at AT&T. Unix was first programmed in assembly language but was reprogrammed in C in 1973. ... Unix operating systems are widely used in PCs, servers and mobile devices."
    I've used UNIX on and off over the last 25 years, PC operating systems include LINUX which an Opensource OS for PC's with a look similar to MS Windows with UNIX based applications but lacks the full support found with MS Windows. With LINUX you get free access to Databases such as MySQL and NoSQL. LINUX can run on the same PC as MS Windows simply by partioning the disk drive.

  • VNETS - MS AZURE Virtual Private Networks About AZURE

  • VPN - Virtual Private Network

  • WinSCP: The FTP service I use.