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This Web page is a list of resources for others learning or working in web development or interested in web development.

It's not everthing but it's a current list of resources for me at this time in case I have a need to refresh my memory, learn or discover something new. I will add a load of other useful stuff as I go so you'll find a link to resources of all types and a short description. In time I'll add links to resource provides, all those lovely people who make up the Internet community.

Here's a list of IT job Ads to look at and the sort of skills you need. I will be adding more.


Cue80sMusic image

Here's a Website I created in 2013 as part of an exercise and while adding to my knowledge. It's not a live site. So if you like your music take a look. exists purely to help me, Phil Donnelly, find the best 1980's music videos ever created by some of the most talented artists from the 80's who are still producing great music today in 2013. I haven't just selected 1000+ videos, I have and will select the best of the music videos available for viewing. There are literally 1000's of videos to choose from on YouTube and Vevo but I have selected what I consider to be the best. Where ever possible I have used official videos and videos that have been available for a long time on YouTube and Vevo, hopefully on the basis that the record company or artist is allowing them to be posted there. That means there is a low likely hood of these being removed at any time in the near future, which would of course benefit no one in the long run. The site will grow and the music I add to YouTube, Vevo and will grow with it. I hope all my visitors enjoy my selection and find my links entertaining and useful. My biggest thank you is too all those terrific 1980's artists, bands, writers and musicians that gave us so many great song and videos. In the 70's we had the music, in the 80's we had that and the theatrical element in video provided by such greats as Michael Jackson, Cher, Meat Loaf and Madonna. This site is my personal directory and a link to my personal blog. I produced this website as an exercise and an aid to developing my skills and as a hobby. My 80's music website is also an outlet for my love of music. I hope it helps the artists sell more music and increases their audience.

Useful web design stuff.

New page. Incomplete. Work in progress

Building my expertise with most of these or those that provide a resource.

  1. WordPress

    Free BUT NOT really if you want more! You can create a free website with Wordpress if you don't have a domain name. If you have a domain it's likely you'll have hosting. If you don't you'll need a web hosting service or a web server which can be a home PC if you have a fixed IP address and good security. If not you will need a hosting service and they will more than likely have a self install service for a range of Content Managment Systems like WordPress. But it's not free if you don't like the free templates or you want additional functions and services. The worst part about WordPress or any CMS is the constant updates.

  2. Template Toaster

    Template Toaster with a range of Templates for responsive websites and CMS. WP, Prestashop and Joomla are CMS

  3. Adobe PhotoShop

    The best but not the cheapest. See more such as Pixlr. You can create a website for free though.

  4. GIMP

    GIMP GNU is Free like Photoshop but not. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins.

  5. ATOM

    A hackable text editor for the 21st Century - Better than Notepad++

  6. Design+Code/Sketch

    Is a vector design tool entirely focused on user interface design. It is easy to pick up and costs a fraction of the price of Photoshop. Because of its simplicity, anyone with little to no training can learn Sketch. It is perfect for designing for multiple devices, and delivering assets is a breeze.

  7. Balsamiq

    Free Wireframing tool

  8. Lightshot

    For Screenshots

  9. WAMP and MAMP

    Apache Web server, PHP Processor, MySQL. Look for MAMP too.

  10. Notepad++

    Web page editor for it all!

  11. Chrome Development Tool

    Chrome Browser app - Debugger


    Website Builder

  13. Bootstrap

    Like HTML, CSS and JS Website builder.

  14. HTML Ipsum

    A whole lot of meaningless Words with a purpose!

  15. Pictaculous

    Upload an image and get a matching colour palette

  16. Adobe Color Wheel

    It's a Adobe, who in design or photography has not heard of Adobe.


    js for Cats and new pet owners, anyone really. Learn some js people. And if you want to learn som javascript create a website and write about js.


    Including VECTR for graphics.

  19. Free images

    StockUnlimited Images

  20. CSS Tricks Website Protection Status

Other informative and useful stuff.

Software resources I have an interest in that are not directly website building software

  1. SketchUp

    Drawing Software for designers and engineers.

  2. OpenPYxl

    A Python library to read/write Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm files. Find out more by simply running the video.

  3. Python for Everyone

    Python is a an exciting programming language with so many useful features and possibilities that you'll be hooked in no time. Helps if you have some programming expertise.
    Python is supposed to be easy to learn, you decide but I'm told that it doesn't have to be a major goal because it is easy to learn. Pick it up as you go along. Of course you need to know what Python does or you wont know what to do with it.
    Wikipedia of course has the answer and it's defined as a high level programming language. It's "Design philosohy emphasises code readability and it's syntax allows programmers to express in fewer lines of code than would be possible with C++ or Java."
    Helpful resources are, and
    It has also been said that Python is the best starter programming language with many Universities using Python to introduce students to programming. Learning Python, which is a server side program should be linked to PHP, Node.js, Rails and Java. Learning all of these will direct you toward a role as Server-side programmer.
    Just a reminder that HTML, CSS and front end js are Developer/Designer related code, these alone should be enough to find a job in web development if that's your goal.

    Here's a video.

Other things worth knowing

  1. Docker Containerisation - it is that, puts all your aps in one box in the cloud.

  2. Virtulization Make better use of your resources. Hypervisors can sit on top of an operating system (like on a laptop) or be installed directly onto hardware (like a server), which is how most enterprises virtualize works.
  3. JSON

    Setting a Object Variable:
    Objects defined by { , or : }
    var myCat = {
    "name" : "Meowsalot", "species" : "cat", "favFood" : "tuna"

    An Array Variable:
    Setting a Variable using an array:
    var myFavColors = ["blue", "green", "purple"];

    Or Forget all that stuff above and do it like this!

    var thePets = [
    "name": "Meowsalot",
    "species": "cat",
    "favFood": "tuna"
    "name": "Barky",
    "species": "cat",
    "favFood": "tuna"

    That's a bit of JSON. See JSON.ORG

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Cross browser test of CSS Grid for me

Always remember this; Design for mobile first, then PC

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